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We help active adults and athletes recover from injuries and return to the activities they love. Whether you are a professional athlete recovering from an injury or an active adult looking to return to work, hobbies, or the gym pain-free, we are here to help you.

We understand that the last thing you want to hear is that an injury or nagging pain is going to have you sidelined for weeks or months as it heals. This is true whether you play sports for a living or just enjoy them recreationally.

At Form & Function Physical Therapy, we get it, and we will do everything in our power to help you experience immediate improvement after an injury and get you back to the lifestyle you want to live.

A few things you should know about Form & Function Physical Therapy PT

Form & Function Physical Therapy opened in 2014 in a 30,000 sq ft athletic training facility, specializing in helping people to reach their goals whether it be recovery from a sports injury or surgery, stay active and free from pain, improve balance, or recover from a concussion.

We want you to leave EVERY session feeling very confident and clear about your plan – we’re NOTHING like some other practitioners that just take things to visit by visit due to not understanding your issue well enough to give an accurate prognosis, or hoping to keep you on the schedule indefinitely….when you leave EACH visit with us you will know exactly where we are headed and what must be done moving forward to reach your goals.

Our entire business model keeps our client’s needs and wants in mind by offering different lengths of treatment appointments. In this way, you can get the time and attention, and quality of treatment you deserve, unlike In-network PPO and HMO clinics that require an incredible volume of patients at one time resulting in poor service and poor technical quality. We also aren’t at the mercy of the insurance dictating how many sessions you need, or which treatments are applied by how well the therapist is paid by performing it. If this was your experience elsewhere, I’d like to apologize on behalf of the profession and tell you that at Form & Function Physical Therapy Physical Therapy our only concern is getting you better so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Trevor Field

Trevor Field

The owner and lead physical therapist is Trevor Field, PT. He developed a unique approach to physical therapy that unlocks the body’s natural potential for healing. We call it F.A.S.T.—the Field Approach to Sports Therapy. This active approach combines traditional physical therapy, manual manipulation akin to chiropractic care and acupressure, and revolutionary treatments such as 830 Laser. The result is an immediate reduction in pain and inflammation along with improved tissue healing.

Trevor Field grew up in rural Central Minnesota, enjoying the outdoor activities and sports that were available in the area. He continues to enjoy fishing and pitching for several baseball teams in Orange County with the MSBL, NABA Elite Wood Bat Leagues. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the College of St. Catherine. He has treated over 14,000 patients in his career and says that the essence of what he does is “ help people that suffer from pain and injury unlock their full healing potential.”

Trevor feels that what patients like most about him is his knowledgeability and ability to provide immediate improvement with most patients regardless of the condition. He utilizes a hands-on approach with most patients, but feels that identifying and eliminating the factors that prevent healing is what makes his methods of treatment particularly effective. He feels that working together with patients, and demonstrating you truly care goes a long way toward unlocking their healing potential. One of his favorite quotes comes from Henry Ford. “Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, either way you are right.”

Trevor is a frequent contributor to Therapy Article World on such topics as back pain, injury prevention, weight loss, supplements, fibromyalgia, stretching, plantar fasciitis, sports therapy, and much more.

Dr. Melissa Woo

Dr. Melissa Woo

The expert Prenatal and Postpartum PT on staff is Dr. Melissa Woo, PT, DPT. Upon experiencing the restrictive and often disabling mainstream approach that traditional medical care preaches to pregnant women both in her personal and professional life, Dr. Melissa found her mission: To Empower Women to experience positive, physically active pregnancies that develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships with their children and their body, and to promote optimal health throughout pregnancy and beyond.

The days of “fragile women who need only to commit to bedrest” for the optimization of their health are over. Women are forever changed by the experience of bringing new life into the world. They are powerful and capable, it’s time that the care they receive reflects that innate ability and guides them through to the next phase of life. With a focus on restorative treatment and cultivation of strength and power, Dr. Melissa helps active women build a strong foundation on which to support their pregnancy and the demands of motherhood. It’s time to further the “anti-fragile” movement and help every expectant, new, and veteran mother live their best life.

As a native of Southern California and a graduate from Loma Linda University, Dr. Melissa has developed a strong connection to the community of the Inland Empire and regularly participates in the activities that she so passionately champions for her patients; a few of her favorites are snowboarding, hiking, running, weight lifting, Cross-Fit, dancing, and involving her 3 kids in each of these activities at a young age to instill a love of outdoors, physical activity, and optimal health. …all of it is possible when you have the right team around you.

Jim Biberston

Jim Biberston

Before joining Form & Function Physical Therapy, I earned my undergraduate degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant from Pima Medical Institute. I cared for patients in an out-patient facility using manual techniques paired with several modalities assisting in therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, Lumbar/Cervical traction, ultrasound and hot and cold therapy to improve overall body function and relieve pain.

My interest in physical therapy started with having 3 children who played competitive sports i.e. baseball, water polo and triathlons, which in turn, piqued my continued interest in human movement and function, along with my desire to work closely with people in a rewarding profession.

Not only getting to meet new people every day, but also having the chance to make a difference to their quality of life keeps me interested in such a gratifying career. When not spending time with my wife, I can be found staying active playing softball, cycling and water-skiing or in the garage restoring my classic VW’s.

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